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2022 Ontario Scott Tournament of Hearts

The Thornhill Club 

Full event passes ($ 100.00) are now available for purchase. The full event pass includes tickets to seven round robin draws, the semi-final and final. The price is $ 88.49 ($100.00 includes HST).

Weekend passes ($60.00) for all games on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday including all tie-breaker and playoff draws. The price is $ 53.10 ($ 60.00 includes HST)

Game day or single game passes will be sold on-site during the event. With potential Covid-19 protocols in place we can only sell day and game passes on-site in case of restrictions being imposed.

Please note that the individual tickets within a pass may be shared.  A FULL REFUND POLICY WILL BE IN EFFECT SHOULD FANS BE PROHIBITED DUE TO HEALTH UNIT RESTRICTIONS.



Full Event Pass - Scott Tournament of Hearts (The Thornhill Club)


Weekend Pass - Scott Tournament of Hearts (The Thornhill Club)